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  • Can a student refer themselves?  Yes, but you will need to be able to identify an adult who can complete a recommendation and consent form on your behalf.

  • Are there requirements for a student to be referred? Students who are referred must be in grades 9-12.  Students should also be committed to self-improvement and open to feedback.

  • If a school, organization, or community partner wants to inquire about booking Anthony, what is the process? If you are interested in booking Anthony, please visit

  • Are there scholarship opportunities when I am a senior? Yes. Scholarship opportunities will exist for qualified seniors who have applied to and can verify enrollment in a 2-year or 4-year postsecondary institution. Scholarships are renewable if students meet eligibility standards.  Scholarship amounts will vary.

  • If I am an individual or organization and am interested in serving as a donor, what is the process? Please contact Dr. Judith R. Robles at 

  • Have more questions?  Please email

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